Selena Gomez premieres as a producer with the series "For 13 reasons"

Selena Gomez can not do better. The young woman leads a full life and enjoys the free time with her new partner, the singer also The Weeknd. However, the singer wanted to embark on new projects and has managed to make it a reality thanks to the new bet Netflix. 'For 13 reasons' is the new series that the online platform has launched this Friday. A series in which the singer participates as a producer, getting into a drama 'teen' very little seen until now.

"Selena Gomez "

The new Netflix bet has had one of the most desired young women on the planet, Selena Gomez as the producer of their new series. A series for young people that implies a message: make young people think about life. And is that the series tells the story of a teenager who leaves on tape a thirteen reasons why she has decided to commit suicide.

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