Ricardo Medina, the Red Power Ranger, sentenced to six years in prison for murder

Puerto Rican actor Ricardo Medina Jr., who starred in several Power Rangers productions, was sentenced in Los Angeles (USA) to six years in jail for murdering his roommate, ABC television chain.
"Ricardo Medina"

On March 16, Medina, 38, pleaded guilty to killing his apartmentmate Joshua Sutter in 2015.

According to authorities, Medina discussed with Sutter about the actor's girlfriend.

Medina, who was at that moment with his partner, locked himself in his room, but Sutter managed to get in and it was then that the actor repeatedly stabbed him in the sword.

Sutter was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where his death was finally certified.

Medina worked on series such as 'Power Rangers Wild Force' (2002) and 'Power Rangers Samurai' (2011-2012).

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