Honda Civic Type R: The Job Mouth

"Honda Civic Type R"

The fourth generation of the Honda Civic Type R, launched in 2015, has had an ephemeral career. The introduction of its replacement, somewhat hasty, corresponds to an industrial logic, resulting from the launch of a tenth generation of Civic with a global vocation.

Still manufactured in Swindon, UK, this new Civic hatchback is designed to simultaneously make career in the United States. This partly justifies a rather lengthened bodywork. And, in the Type R case that interests us today, an evolution of the philosophy of the product.

"Honda Civic Type R"
The Civic Type R has not given up on being the most sporty compact in the market, but it also extends its registry so as not to put off a clientele that will probably be more sensitive to its look than the virtues of its differential With limited slip. Also a Comfort mode completes the Sport and R + modes.

However, the Civic Type R, fifth of the name, still has a challenge. If its predecessor had taken the lap record on the northern loop of the Nürburgring in 2015, dethroning the Renault Mégane RS Trophy -R, it was quickly surpassed by the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S, current holder of the title of queen of the Ring in category traction.

Honda, however, has the means to take the torch. He added 10 horses to the Type R team, which now has 320 horses. But the important thing is that the new Civic is a much more favorable base for performance. By abandoning the original installation of the tank under the driver's seat, which characterized his predecessor, the engineers offered him better sports predispositions.

"Honda Civic Type R"
As a basic Civic, the Type R benefits from a lighter, more rigid body and a lower center of gravity (-34 mm). The driver is seated 5 centimeters lower in a bucket seat designed for mounting a harness. At startup, the 4-cylinder 2-liter VTEC turbo should also be more present.

The triple exhaust exhaust is supposed to bring a more powerful note. The engine torque does not evolve but, strong of 400 Nm, it remains as generous as that of a diesel. The transmission to the front wheels is always via a 6-speed manual transmission and a limited slip differential. The box would have an automatic heel-to-tail function when downshifting.

On the chassis side, a specific geometry of the front axle would avoid the effects of pronounced torques in the direction at acceleration. It can thus logically be deduced that the decoupled swivel train of the previous Type R has been preserved. That would be desirable.

In the rear, the progress takes the form of a multi-link train, synonymous with a better control of the geometry of the wheels in the effort. The wheelbase and track width were also increased, as were rim and tire sizes (245/30 R 20).

The commercial launch of this new Civic Type R will begin next summer. It will therefore be necessary to wait for this deadline to know more, especially its tariff which should however remain close to the 36,510 to 39,510 euros claimed for the previous generation.

"Honda Civic Type R"

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