David Beckham, Jean Dujardin ... these beard followers

"these beard followers"

The beard has now become almost the new standard: in its most democratic form - short and full as if one had forgotten to shave for six days - it is now sported by all, the artist who lets it grow Manager who maintains it. Obviously, the most dandy have found a way to carry it with a little extra: a meticulous pointed size gives the air of Tsar Nicholas II at low cost, and if it expands, the effect will be the one Of a ZZ Top singer.

"these beard followers"
More seriously, the beard trimmed in the old inspired by the movement hypster seems on the decline. This is at least the opinion of Allan Vinot, barber in Montmartre, owner of L'Atelier Gentlemen. "At the moment, I see a little fewer long beards trimmed in the old fashion," he says, "but I have more and more barbs of a few days." And to maintain all these new beards, he is not alone: "Barbers open in Paris every month when the trade had almost disappeared."

The mustache, visible as the nose in the middle of the figure

Is France still the country of the mustache? For Alain, master barber - "the only one in the capital," he says with pride - "the mustache remains one of the strong symbols of masculinity". He is passionate about the history of hair styles, even holding an unusual museum in his salon. He trained most of the Parisian barbers, having been in his time the last to retain this title against the pressure of the banal "men's hair salon". "The mustache makes his return to the dandies because it remains an excellent way to heal his originality," he says.

"these beard followers"
"Even the crooked mustache returns to the young and takes over the brush mustache that has never completely fallen into disuse in the previous generation. "To wear it is to personalize his image: imagine what Brassens would be without his mustache?"

The mustache has recently become one of the great symbols of marketing: we find shoes "M. Mustache ", bikes" Mustache Bike "and even a collective of comedians named" Golden Mustache "!

Not everything to wear

If the beard is widely fashionable, it is better to avoid certain way of wearing it. "I can hardly see any more goatees," says master barber Alain. The same goes for some goats or Abraham Lincoln's beard with the collar that are to be carried with care.

If all the beards can not be worn, everyone can wear their beards: this is evidenced by our selection of famous bearded beards from all walks of life, from David Beckham to Jean Dujardin who, on the whole, participated in To spread the fashion.

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