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David Beckham, Jean Dujardin ... these beard followers

The beard has now become almost the new standard: in its most democratic form - short and full as if one had forgotten to shave for six days - it is now sported by all, the artist who lets it grow Manager who maintains it. Obviously, the most dandy have found a way to carry it with a little extra: a meticulous pointed size gives the air of Tsar Nicholas II at low cost, and if it expands, the effect will be the one Of a ZZ Top singer.
More seriously, the beard trimmed in the old inspired by the movement hypster seems on the decline. This is at least the opinion of Allan Vinot, barber in Montmartre, owner of L'Atelier Gentlemen. "At the moment, I see a little fewer long beards trimmed in the old fashion," he says, "but I have more and more barbs of a few days." And to maintain all these new beards, he is not alone: "Barbers open in Paris every month when the trade had almost disappeared."
The mustache, visible as the nose in the middle of the figure
Is …

Honda Civic Type R: The Job Mouth

The fourth generation of the Honda Civic Type R, launched in 2015, has had an ephemeral career. The introduction of its replacement, somewhat hasty, corresponds to an industrial logic, resulting from the launch of a tenth generation of Civic with a global vocation.
Still manufactured in Swindon, UK, this new Civic hatchback is designed to simultaneously make career in the United States. This partly justifies a rather lengthened bodywork. And, in the Type R case that interests us today, an evolution of the philosophy of the product.
The Civic Type R has not given up on being the most sporty compact in the market, but it also extends its registry so as not to put off a clientele that will probably be more sensitive to its look than the virtues of its differential With limited slip. Also a Comfort mode completes the Sport and R + modes.
However, the Civic Type R, fifth of the name, still has a challenge. If its predecessor had taken the lap record on the northern loop of the Nürburgring…

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo, the Panamera 5 seats

Announced by the Sport Turismo concept revealed at the Paris Motor Show 2012, the Panamera Sport Turismo made its first public appearance at the Geneva Motor Show which closes on Sunday 19 March. Compared to the Panamera launched at the end of 2016, the main difference concerns the treatment of the rear part less inclined and referring to the architecture of a station wagon. Compared to the limousine, the height is increased by 5 mm while the length remains unchanged at 5,049 mm. In fact, some may find Sport Turismo less graceful than its sister.
The Panamera 5 places
Another unique feature of the new model is the presence of an adaptive spoiler on the rear window. Its inclination varies according to the situation and the driving mode. Three positions have been defined to reduce the air resistance and thus the consumption or improve the stability. The angle of the spoiler varies from + 26 ° to -7 °. This last retracted position is active up to 170 km / h. Beyond this speed, the spoil…